In addition to our youth curriculum, Siren offers the following workshops for groups and individuals of all ages:


Spoken Word for Conflict Resolution

This workshop is designed to increase empathy, self awareness, and understanding through

writing and performing from different perspectives. Activities include improv, role

playing, and storytelling to rewrite narratives in how we view ourselves and others.


Poetry for Public Speaking

Rhythm is an important part of communication. How can we use the rhythm of how we speak to further

engage and invite others into our conversations? This workshop explores writing and performing using poetry

and spoken word to help add powerful elements to any speech or presentation.


The Yoga of Poetry

This 5 class series explores how yoga and poetry can benefit your life. Each class consists of a two hour workshop to give us time for an asana practice to address an overarching theme, then we take it to the page and through thoughtful writing

prompts we unlock our hearts and minds to create word art that can move us to the next level!


Your Story Matters

In this workshop you will learn the basic elements that make for an effective spoken word performance and

how to craft narrative monologues that tell personal stories in a way that will connect and inspire an audience.

Participants will learn techniques that will assist them in developing their own unique voice as both a writer

and performer.


Writing Through The Body

Learn to reconnect with your body in all of its beauty through this reflective writing and performance series

One-on-One Writing/Performance Coaching

Whether you are a writer who wants to challenge yourself creatively and take your writing to a new level, someone who struggles with public performance and could use some tips from a seasoned veteran of the stage, or anyone who needs an extra set of eyes to make sure your paper, presentation or manuscript is on the right track, we are available for all of your writing and performance needs.

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